Lewesbaam Sippschaft

We follow the Heathen path of Urglaawe, which honors the Teutonic pantheon in the context of the Deitsch (Pennsylvania German) culture. We draw many of our beliefs from the traditional Deitsch culture, including pre-Christian facets of the healing practice of Braucherei and the folklore as handed down through the ages by word of mouth.

We believe in deliberate, positive living and work to foster good relationships with all of our neighbors. Lewesbaam Sippschaft is a supporter of Heathens Against Hate. As such, we stand against racism, homophobia, sexism, and other forms of bigotry. We form our communities through shared values.

Our Mission:

Our focus is to teach what we can to others. The preservation, expansion, and dissemination of this knowledge to the current and future generations is vital to the longevity of Urglaawe. It is our duty to preserve what little is left of the knowledge of the Gods, the Landspirits and the Ancestors, and attempt to fill in the gaps of our knowledge for the future generations.

What is Urglaawe?

Urglaawe (oor-GLAH-vuh) in Deitsch means Old Belief. Urglaawe is a Germanic Polytheistic path that seeks to restore the pre-Christian folklore of the Pennsylvania Dutch culture into a fulfilling spiritual path. Through this lens of Deitsch culture we worship and/or venerate the Ziewe (gods and goddesses) the Wichte (wights) and Vorgegner (ancestors). We honor the Zusaagpflicht (Sacred Promise) as our Vorgegner have before us. We celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year with eight major celebrations and several lesser celebrations.